Between Tears and Laughter by Anand Mulk Raj

1. Title- Between Tears and Laughter
2. Author- Anand Mulk Raj
3. Publisher- Sterling
4. Place-L-10,Green park extension,
                       New Delhi-110016
5. Accession no- 1755
6. Price- Rs 45
7. Impression- Excellent
8. Character I like most- Anand
9. Summary- These short stories by Mulk Raj Anand,one of the foremost Indian writer in English,portray the various facets of contemporary Indian life with a rare sense of humanism. He sees life sometimes as a comedy,sometimes as a tragety,and at times uses the two modes to drive the reader distracted. He is amusing,satirical,ironic,tragic,pathetic or farcical. The stories form a part of his targe in life-the destination.
10. Language- English.

Roll No. 09

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